Plane Stupid slimes Peter Mandelson

6th March - Early this morning a Plane Stupid activist covered Peter Mandelson in green custard to protest his involvement in the dodgy decision on a third Heathrow runway, as he arrived at a government summit on low-carbon technology.

Leila Deen, 29, said:

"That such a clearly corrupt human being is still in government, despite being unelected, is an affront to democracy and a threat to any hope we have of stopping the impact that climate change is already beginning to have on our lives. We have a tiny window left to stop climate change. I want to tell my children that I did not stand back and applaud as Mandelson ruined our last chance."

Photos available on Plane Stupid's Flickr photostream. All photos licensed under Creative Commons.

Play Leila Deen - Custard Queen here...

"The only thing green about Peter Mandelson is the slime coursing through his veins. That Mandelson is today trying to make political capital out of climate change just days after reports that he met BAA's top lobbyist several times in the run up to the Heathrow decision is an insult to our intelligence and to our whole generation that will suffer from climate change."

"We know that Mandelson is best buddies with BAA's top lobbyist Roland Rudd, and reports suggest it was him who bullied Ed Miliband into accepting a third runway. We can't let the Prince of Darkness cast his shadow over West London."