The climate is saved!


Or is it? NO is the answer! The final day of negotiations at the COP16 conference in Cancun came to an end today. The solution - a non legally binding agreement to shield the world. That's right, we're going to save the world again with words and not deeds.

Not only is the agreement not legally binding, it's also an agreement to aim for an emissions pathway that - even if by some miracle it is met - would mean a 4 degrees C average global temperature rise. For more on what this means:

Do not be fooled by the media messaging. One of the first paragraphs on the BBC sums up the situation: 'The draft documents say deeper cuts in carbon emissions are needed, but do not establish a mechanism for achieving the pledges countries have made'.

Do not believe the hype. The time for action is still now, that is direct action led by those impacted on the ground. Don't put your massive inflatable hammers away yet, buy a d-lock, get some super glue, get into an affinity group. As the students have shown in London this week, we can show governments and big business that we will not let them trample all over us.

Business as usual is not an option. We have to directly intervene to stop emissions ourselves. Let's join the dots between all the different struggles going on right now and fight together for social justice, environmental justice and of course justice for the climate.