Did T5 story tumble BAA and Ferrovial share price?

Following today's Times article about our efforts to help BAA find volunteers to test T5, the Spanish version of the Economist has reported a drop in share prices of Ferrovial (down 1.31%) and BAA (down 0.27%).

The two are almost certainly not linked, but it did make us chuckle...

Flying Matters in third-world farmers Terminal 5 package holiday puzzle

No one said Flying Matters were shrewd at public relations. Their last attempt at advertising consisted of a smear campaign on an Inuit leader - guilty only of caring that his people are suffering from our addiction to weekends in Spain.

But their latest garbled comment, in today's Times article, is a classic attempt to make aviation into the saviour of humanity:

"[Plane Stupid's] actions impact most on those they profess to be protecting: families who holiday once a year, ethnic minorities who rely on air transport to visit family, and farmers in the developing world reliant on UK consumers.”

Flybe's poisoned planes lead back to BAA

Not content with holding up passengers while they send their security off to hold fake demos in favour of Stansted expansion, BAA have got caught up in a poisoning scandal after cabin crew at Flybe collapsed mid-flight.

Pilots and cabin crew for budget airline Flybe are refusing to fly on BAe 146s following an incident in which crew had to be taken to hospital after inhaling engine fumes which leaked into the cabin.

Aviation industry strategists: we’re losing the war

Steve Dunne, the director of The Brighter Group in Britain - which advises the aviation industry on communications strategy – has warned that the aviation industry that it risks sinking to pariah status akin to cigarette manufacturers in the U.S.

Dunne cited the Camp for Climate Action as an example of how climate activists are winning the PR war, saying, “The next generation will be unbelievably green ... (and will) end up hating us if we don't do something about it."

Tom Ambrose, director general of the European Regional Airlines Association, claimed that although airlines only produce 2 percent of global CO2, most people think the figure is up to three times that figure. Unfortunately he forgot to factor the radiative forcing multiplier of 2.7 times into his calculation - making 'most people' a damn site closer to the mark than his figure was.

Bristol expansion put on hold

Plans to expand Bristol Airport have been put on hold while the airport calculates the impacts of expansion on the environment and local communities.

Airport bosses wanted to submit a planning application to the local council this autumn, but it is now expected that this will happen by the middle of 2008. As with every expansion plan, the airport bosses claim that expansion will only take place if it can be "sustainable"...

Camp Hope - opposing Staverton airport expansion

Gloucestershire residents fighting the expansion of Gloucestershire airport at Staverton have launched a weekend-long camp, to talk about climate change and aviation.

The family-friendly protest site, called Camp Hope, runs from today (Saturday) through to Sunday, with a variety of educational workshops and activities, including a talk by David Drew MP (details after the jump).