Flying Matters: who is Bella Regazza?

Cookie Jar

"Its always a sign that someone is losing an argument when they start making unfounded allegations." So says our arch-nemesis Flying Matters, accusing us of lying to the Times, which last week published an article claiming that they were spying on us.

Only problem is that we caught them at it. Earlier this week FM Director Michelle Di Leo sent an email to the administrator of an aviation campaigners discussion list, pretending to be an Italian campaigner against airport expansion. Calling herself 'Bella Regazza', she asked to be included in the mailing list.

Alas for poor Bella, she had registered the hotmail account in her own name, so the email had her name as the 'sender'. The crafty administrator spotted the rather amateur mistake, and rejected her application.

Nice try Michelle. Next time you want to accuse us of lying about you, don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar...