Aviation creates massive noise pollution


Living under the flight path is like living on a motorway.

Over 1 million people live under the flight paths to the Heathrow and many have to endure a plane flying over every 45 seconds. (Hacan Clearskies)

In fact, 14% of people in the UK are moderately or extremely bothered by aircraft noise (MORI 2004) and this figure is only going to increase as airports expand.

The World Health Organisation has expressed concern about the impact of aviation on human health. Long term (5-30 years) exposure to air traffic noise levels averaging 65 to 75 decibels increases blood pressure and the risk of hypertension. Sleep disturbance leads to fatigue, hypertension, greater risk of heart and respiratory problems, poor concentration in work and school, increased risk of accidents, depression, anxiety and higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. (Greenskies Alliance)