Aviation's contribution to the economy is massively overstated


The aviation industry is only the 26th biggest industry in Britain.

It's half the size of the computer industry, and just a tenth the size of banking and finance.

It also helps create a tourism deficit of £17 billion each year whereby the amount of money spent abroad by Britons flying out of the UK for leisure and holiday trips exceeds the amount visitors into Britain spend here. (Department of Culture, Media and Sport)

Government estimations have ignored the social and environmental costs of flying which are estimated at £10.5 billion per year across the European Union. (The Myths of Flying, 1998)

The 1999 government report entitled, The Contribution of the Aviation Industry to the UK Economy, estimated that, for transport as a whole, every 10% increase in the provision of transport services in the UK between 1979 and 1998 increased overall productivity by 1.3% - about £800 million a year. When the report repeated this exercise for aviation, they could not rule out the possibility there was no link.