Aviation expansion will destroy ancient forests and woodland


Hundreds of acres of ancient oak woodland would have to be destroyed to make way for the government’s expansion plans.

Some of the trees facing the axe are over 400 years old. (Woodland Trust)

Ponds, meadows, hedgerows and ditches – all important habitats, are also facing extermination. At Luton airport alone, 330 hectares of green belt are under threat. (SLAP)

Near Stansted airport around 60 species of bird will lose their habitats including a number which are on the RSPB’s “red list” because they are vulnerable species at risk. (Stop Stansted Expansion) Otters living in the vicinity of Edinburgh airport will lose their habitats. (The Scotsman)

The oldest RSPB nature reserve in the UK will be wiped out by expansion at Lydd Airport, in Kent.